2015 Is Going To Be The Best Year EVER!

Ok, I decided after reading a bunch of blogs that everyone had a list of things they wanted to get done for 2015 that I need some goals in place too! How else are you going to reach those goals unless you have some set in place. Right? Ok here we go.

I want to get all my eggs out of one basket. Oh yeah and we need to buy more chickens this year, ours are getting old and not giving us very many eggs! So here is my plan starting with what is making us the most money.

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Ebay Goals

I went over this before, I want to make 10% more each month than I did last year. We made around $74,000 last year, so I want to buy more high end items to list. Those items sell when you really need money for some reason. Sales go next to nothing and them BAM! One big item sells and saves the day. We are also going to get a new building brought in that will hold all our eBay stuff. I have crap all over the place.

The top of our garage is our ebay room. And it's trickling down the steps to some shelves. All my closets inside the house are full of eBay stuff. Where are my clothes? Oh I hate to put this out there, but they are all in a basket setting in my too crowded to craft, craft room!

Ok here is the list for my eBay goals.

  • Buy ebay shed
  • list 400 items per month
  • make 10% more next year


Well dang, I said we wouldn't go there but we are going to start raising crickets again. We left the market 5 years ago after doing it for 20 years and now a few of the pet shop owners are contacting us and wanting to buy bugs again from us. But last time was so stressful. We had 3 large barns going and delivering 4 days a week and on the weekends. Plus we weren't producing enough to sell to the pet shops, so we we're buying some of them in. Our gas bill for heat in the winter time was over $2000 per month. So no way are we doing that again. And we we're angry with each other all the time. Money was AWESOME, making over $300,000 per year. Nope not going to happen Charlie Brown. This girl is 50 years old and I'm not going to do it. So I'm going to let hubby work on this project and keep my butt inside doing eBay and working on my PLR store. Please God let me start making money with that so I don't have to do the crickets again.

PLR Store

This I'm really going to start working on hard. I've had my site set up for 2 years I think and had a couple of sales. But I know the market is there for things I know about. I've grown so much as a writer. I think all this time trying to learn how to be a affiliate marketer has helped me learn a lot about making money online. So my goal with my PLR store is I want to start making money at this every month.

  • Write a new pack each week
  • Write a mega pack each month
  • Start earning $300 per month

Michellelfarmer blog

I have big plans for this blog. I want it to be my notebook so to speak. I'm going to write everything I need to keep track of what I'm working on and if it's working or not. My Daughter-in-law wants to learn how to set up a blog for her eBay store. I want to do that too, a lot of people selling on eBay want that same thing. Ebay is going through some changes this year and I want to have a nice blog in place for unique items that are for sale. Last year I listed a locksmith kit on ebay. Well they took that down in a mini skinett. You can't sell something that someone can open cars with illegally, crap. So I had this $400 item that I couldn't sell on eBay. I put it up as a blog post and sold it that same year. Awesome!

My goal for this blog is

  • Teach others how to sell on eBay
  • Teach how to set up a blog and other internet marketing things I learn as I learn them.
  • Build a following interested in learning how to make money at home
  • Build up my PLR store

I want this to be a place where people can come and learn for free how to set up a blog. I'm working on that now. Buy some PLR for their niche sites and learn how to get traffic to those sites. We will learn this together. I want to meet like minded people that are looking for some help learning to work from home. I've been self employed most of my life. I've done everything just about. Owned a retail store, made stained glass windows, sold puppies, sold produce, raised bugs, sold yard sales and collectibles online and in retail. I've been there done that kinda life but new things are around the corner. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel FINALLY!

Amazon Sites

  • List on each site everydayyeah I have a few
  • Make $100 per month on sites. I make nothing or less than 20 bucks each pay out.

Personal Goals

Ok I read in an other post that this person wanted to try sushi. Well I really don't want to try that. Nope! But what I will be trying and that is just about as bad, is I'm going to make cricket flour and make something with it. That is all the rage with the health food junkies. MeI've never eaten a cricket on purpose. They would jump in my coke can while I was working and you can feel them as you take that last drink. Yuckkkkkk! I would always spit them out. But that will be my goal this year eating some cricket flour.

I'm also going to get some goats for the farm and of course we are getting some new chickens. Ours are really old. And I've just put in a order for a new Chihuahua puppy to be friends with my Kissy. Lol!

  • buying a new ebay building
  • Make 10% more on eBay this year
  • buying a new cricket building
  • Start raising bugs to sell to pet shops
  • getting goats
  • New Puppy
  • trying to eat some cricket flour, maybe cookies
  • building a cabin in our woods
  • walking everyday, so me and Kissy don't get any fatter, she weighs 11 pounds. I'm not saying what I weigh. Thank you very much. All my Chihuahua's weigh that but Neil. Weird

Income Reports

  • Going to start with some income reports this year. Maybe that will help me work harder if I know I have to report it to my blog.

So there you have it my 2015 goals for the year. Man, I just made it under the wire didn't I? It being the 26th of the month. lol! Please share what your goals are for the year. Or what is that one thing you want to get done this year.

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