Meat-Lover's Heaven

When Gey Fieri's signature spiked, bleach-blonde hair makes an appearance within a 50 mile radius of my house chances are I will not be far behind. A recent episode of "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" led me to the west side of Chicago.

Smoque is a dive joint bringing the best BBQ techniques from all over the south together in a meat-lover's heaven. When you first walk into the red-walled restaurant prepare to not make it past the entryway. The restaurant is surprisingly quiet, since it is set up almost family-style with long picnic tables for seating. The only sounds I could make out we're people saying how good the food tasted. The line of regular customers and Food Network viewers usually reaches the door.

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Once you make it up to the register, you are faced with a big decision: ribs, brisket or chicken? I choose the sliced brisket sandwich smothered in BBQ sauce and served on a extra soft roll that is perfect for dipping into the side sauce; a sweeter, tangy, almost citrus-flavored addition. Don't get too hungry yet, you still have more decisions to make. All meals can be combined with cole slaw and an addition side. Usually I turn up my nose and leave the gloppy green mess untouched on my plate. But this was different, it was not drowning and mayonnaise,but instead was tossed in a vinaigrette that made it taste more like a salad than a lazy side. Per the recommendation of Fieri, I got the BBQ beans with pieces of brisket and onions mixed in. The only thing I could say after taking my first bite was, "This taste like a campfire." SO GOOD! If I am going to drive for over an hour to get dinner, you better bet I am not settling with just one side. I added their baked mac and cheese topped with bread crumbs. If my grandmother made mac and cheese, this is how it would taste extra creamy and not even a hint of processed cheese flavor. Finally, there was the corn bread served hot out of the oven.

Any BBQ lover, no scratch that, any food lover would enjoy a trek out to Smoque. This place is true treat off the beaten path of restaurant-heavy Chicago.

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