" . . . I want to create something that would not have existed without me." Minor White

When you are relatively new to photography, the good news is that the possibilities for pictures seem limitless. The bad news is, the possibilities seem limitless.

I don't know how long it takes for a photographeror any other artistto develop an identifiable style or recognizable vision . . . a signature quality or essence that somehow makes their work uniquely his or hers. I joke about my "promiscuous muse" as a writer. Even after spending most of my life on the page I still haven't picked just one genre or limited myself to only one mode of expression as a poet, as a novelist, as an essayist, etc.

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I'm not sure I'll have any more luck as a photographer choosing only one sort of image or one focus for my lens. As much as I love the sweeping beauty of landscapes I'm just as captivated by the startling detail of a bee on a sunflower. As much as I love the stark truth of a photo that is absolutely faithful in it's representation of the story it tells, I am just as intrigued by the open-ended potential magic of abstract photography and the opportunities for making art that bypasses the linear brain and settles somewhere in the unmapped wilderness of the emotions and psyche.

These photos are initial forays into a less specific but just as profound terrain . . . the interplay of subject and subjectivity, of captured image and creative license.

I don't know if they're 'me' in the sense of settling into a singular or signature style but they're as 'me' as anything can be for the choices I made in manifesting them and for the way that they invited me to see not just what was captured by my camera lens but also what I could see looking at that image from the inside out.

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