Rice is a staple that is eaten by two-thirds of the world every day....

Rice is a staple that is eaten by two-thirds of the world every day. This is a food that

  • Provides Energy . It provides fast and instant energy. Rice delivers four times the food energy as for the same serving of potatoes or pasta
  • Provides Amino Acids . Amino Acids are protein's building blocks. If you want to build muscles, take rice!
  • Provides Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) . Responsible for converting sugar into energy for the smooth functioning of the body's organs, ensure eye health and improves brain function.
  • Is Completely Non-Allergenic and Gluten Free . No need to worry about any ill effects after eating rice.
  • Has Zero Cholesterol, Sodium or Fats . A food that provide nutrients without any negative impact on your health is a good food!

If you thought that cooking rice requires a lot of effort and a costly rice cooker, you will be wrong. All you need is a microwave and a microwave rice cooker. Besides, with a microwave rice cooker, you will never need to scrape half-burnt rice out of the bottom of a rice cooker pot, ever!

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The secret of getting well cooked fluffy white rice!

It is in the ratio of rice to water when cooking. A good rule of thumb for long grain rice is: Ratio of raw rice to water is 1 is to 2. E.g for every one cup of rice, in the cooker, you will need two cups of water. If the rice comes with a specific rice to water ratio, do follow it.

Cooking Rice in a Microwave Rice Cooker (1 cup of raw rice)

  1. Measure out the rice. Using a cup, measure out about a cup of raw rice. This should be enough for about two people.
  2. Wash the rice. Pour the rice into a clean bowl that is large enough to allow you to swill the rice around. If the microwave rice cooker is large enough, you can use it instead. Add water to the rice. Using your hands, swill the rice around in the bowl. This would release any impurities or dirt into the water. You can also grab a handful and rub them. If the water turns cloudy, discard the water and put in some clean water. It should take about four to five washes to get the water relatively clear. Once the rice is washed, you can drain it thoroughly.
  3. Load the microwave rice cooker. If you have not done so, put the rice in the microwave rice cooker.
  4. Add the water. Using the same measuring cup that was used to measure the rice. Add two cups of water into the microwave rice cooker.
  5. Closing the lid. Make sure you close the lid of the microwave rice cooker according to the instructions. Most microwave rice cookers have a lockable lid and is relatively easy to use. Make sure the vent is open.
  6. Cook the rice. Put the microwave rice cooker into the microwave. Set the microwave to "High" and cook for 10 13 minutes. Note: If the water in the microwave rice cooker boils over on "High" setting, it may be too powerful. Set it lower to about 70% of the maximum power.
  7. Remove the microwave rice cooker from the microwave. Open the microwave rice cooker carefully. Fluff the rice with a fork or rice paddle. Rest the rice for about 5 minutes

Cooking Tips

  • Half-a-cup of rice is usually sufficient for 1 person. Scale up and down as required.
  • Always use the same measuring cup used for measuring rice to measure out the water for cooking.
  • Always wash the raw rice thoroughly. This is to remove any additives, if any, that are used to coat the rice. This generally make the rice cooking process more predictable.
  • If there are specific instructions on the rice packaging on preparation, especially on the amount of water required, do adhere to it.
  • Some types of rice require soaking. Such requirements will be printed on the packaging.
  • If your rice turns out too dry add more water next time. Too wet less water next time.

Cooking Chart

Rice Water Time in Microwave

1 Cup 2 Cups 10 13min

2 Cups 4 Cups 15 17min


3 Cups 6 Cups 17 20min

With a little experimentation, you will get fluffy, perfectly cooked rice from the microwave every time.

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