How Much Promotion is Acceptable in an Email Newsletter

So, your sitting with your marketing team and considering the different methods to gaining more engagement from your current client base as well as gain awareness from potential clients. It's likely that the first methods that will come to mind include social media, YouTube videos, blogs etc. However, you will then come down to email newsletters. A tedious but very effective method of marketing in mass.

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Before you realize you have agreed to draft and then send out your businesses first email newsletter. Later that day you are sat at your desk putting together that very newsletter when you realize: you have no idea what content to fill it with. Should you make it all promotional, all blogs, all videos, or a mixture of all of these?

In fact, there is a science to how much promotional content to feature on your businesses email newsletters. You have to be able to promote a product without spooking the receiver and appearing to spammy. And you may be shocked to hear that only 10% - 15% of your email newsletter's content should be promotional while the remaining 90% - 85% should be educational.

The reason? It's likely that the majority of your newsletter's subscribers have subscribed because they have aa interest in what your business does. E.g. if you run a shoe shop they enjoy shoes. But that does not mean they want to receive a load of sales talk about your businesses products or services.

However, this does not mean you can not promote your product indirectly. I will use a shoe shop as an example. If you are running a fairly successful shoe shop and have a medium sized email subscribers list then the best practice will be to feature blogs about shoe fashion, upcoming trends etc. within your newsletter. Then, within the blogs or newsletter itself leave a mention such as "and we will be stocking these new trends in store soon".

While that one line does not seem very "promotional" it is a call to action (or planting the seed in the consumers mind). It's making your newsletter's receivers aware that your business sells that product without directly saying "buy this product".

The great thing about mixing promotional and educational content is that the consumer will connect with the content (e.g. blog, infographic, video) without realizing that you have made a small sales pitch.

While this may be hard to follow for all businesses you should always follow this formula: 90% educational + 10% promotional = 0% unsubscribers.

If you have tips of your own you wish to share with the marketing community please leave them in the comment section below. Thank you for reading and sharing this article.

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