Easy access to all the kitchenware while I cook,...

Easy access to all the kitchenware while I cook, neatly placed under the induction plate, pots and pans is in the drawer underneath.

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Clean and organized cutlery. (this makes me look a bit like an over achiever, but what the heck I love having my kitchen like this.)

My fridge is sortet. Everyday stuff in the two topshelves, dairy products in one, meat in one and vegetables in the two drawers at the bottom. And often used products as butter and milk/juice is in the door shelves. (easy access)

Another thing is measurements and their differences can throw any home-cook of his or hers trail. I am using an English cookbook and naturally I have to figure out some of them. Today, I came across "ladleful". Figured it out after some time on Google and basically I will show you what it means instead of explaining.

This is a ladleful.. if you we're wondering?! 🙂

Aand.. with all of theranting done, here's my recipe of the day and how it went! * giggling with loads of self irony *

Ingredients needed:

    • Olive oil


    • Risotto rice


    • Chicken stock (or vegetable)


    • Unsalted butter


    • Cherry tomatoes


    • Mascarpone cheese


    • Parmesan cheese


    • Salt


    • Pepper

The ingredients I used.

The risotto rice was first coated in the olive oil inside the pan. Then (wait for it) Ladleful s of stock was added one at a time so the rice had time to absorb the liquid between them.

Halved the cherry tomatoes and cooked them in unsalted butter for 10 minutes whilethe rice was cooking.

Then I mixed in the mashed tomato-butter mixture (used a potato masher) , mascarpone cheese and parmesan cheese. Seasoned with salt and pepper at the end.

For my own little twist, I decided to pan-fry salmon fillets and ad to the dish because I wanted some meat with this. I realized that fish not necessarily the best choice, but I did it anyway just to see if it could work. The salmon was breaded with a ready-madespice mix for fish and fried 3-4 minutes on each side.

Plated end result!

My personal verdict; Tasty and definitely a filling dinner. The fish was perfectly cooked and firm, without being dry. But as I predicted, missed that little tingle to it. I feel that is just a lack of experience on my behalf.

What do you think would have completed this dish and given it a that extra wow -factor?

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