5 Different Types of Vertebrates Creatures

Vertebrates are different types of living beings having spinal cords and backbone. Its all about consisting a series of nerves system along your back. There are about 64,000 species discovered by us. As per the records vertebrates covers about 4% of all described animal species all over world; the rest are counted under invertebrates types, which lack backbones. Vertebrates comprise of 5 different types of animals exists. Few examples with descriptive characteristics of each one described below:

  • Fishes:

These breathe through gills and have fins attached to the scales which help them move in water. They have external way of fertilization that is their eggs meet the sperm in water. Different forms of fishes include freshwater fish, herring and so on.

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  • Amphibians:

Amphibians are those living creatures which breathe through skin and utilize little of lungs. They are the creatures which live in water when young but when they grow up they live on land but very close to water. Examples of amphibians includes frog.

  • Reptiles:

These are another categories of creatures which have scales on their body, and fertile their eggs outside eg. Under the earth to keep the eggs protected. Example of reptile is a crocodile.

  • Birds:

They breathe through their lungs and eat with their beak. The fertilization of the cells is generally in the form of eggs which are placed in the neck till they are hatched. Example of a bird would be eagle.

  • Mammals:

These living creatures have their bodies covered with fur or hair. The fertilization takes place within and it is generally females feed their young ones. Whale is the biggest mammal. As such human beings are also called as mammals.

These vertebrate creatures can be found in surrounding environment and different species are spread out in various forms on our mother earth.

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